Monday, August 17, 2009

We are hope despite the times

As noted in a previous post I've been on a vinyl binge lately. That landed me in my R.E.M. pile and after no little though brought "Life's Rich Pageant" to the surface. In a run of recordings that started with 'Murmur' and ran through 'Document' the band produced music that was trans-formative. The songs are complex, the playing is strong and there is a passion that is amazingly alive on vinyl where the crackle and pop of the surface sounds actually adds texture and 'Pageant' is the best of all of them to me. From the anthemic swirl of 'Begin the Begin' onwards I just kept cranking the volume up until I thought I might actually bother the neighbors. Oh well, forgiveness one hopes...

Not to stay on the subject as the thing I'm getting at here is the line quoted here from the song "These Days" and featured more prominently on the landing page of the blog. I've been carrying around the feeling of hope since being more involved with our Sundays at 6:00 PM service and its nice. Last night in particular was special as the music was great and my participation as liturgist was more comfortable to me. That's four services now in a month where I've played that role and its definitely something that takes time to adjust to. It's not just leading prayer as inviting others to join you and doing so in a way that feels comfortable for both myself and others. It's a powerful thing and yet another piece in my continuing evolution in my role here and while I still worry (will never not worry?) I'm more mindful than ever before that I'm where I belong: young despite the years.

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Adolfo said...

You inspired me to turn on Lifes Rich Pageant, had the whole family dancing to I Believe big time. That album brought back so many memories. I remember the first time I heard that song and that voice. It was like some strange banjo/electric guitar hybrid, loud and at a furious pace. Then there is the god gifted voice of Michael Stipe, definately in my top 5 best all time singer/performers. What a great way to start my morning.

The accidental Presbyterian

I never set out to be a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) but have to believe God had a hand in the process. Thanks to a girlfriend (ex) who was a Presbyterian and a friend who just wanted to find a good church I was led to Calvary not once, but twice and the second time stuck. The decision to join, once made, has been re-affirmed  for me so many times that there is no doubt in my mind that while it might have an accident that I showed up in the first place, there is little doubt that I am and will always be a proud member of the Presbyterian Church (USA).